99 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown, RI       (401) 423-1651       cbc@cbcjamestown.net
There are many doors through which to enter our congregation—from worship services to community events to study groups to  service projects. No matter which door you choose, a community with open minds and open hearts will be waiting to welcome you.

Sunday, July 27

          9:30 a.m.           Worship Service
                                               To Imagine Love:
                                               You've Got a Friend
                                               in Me
       10:30 a.m.           Coffee Hour
       11:00 a.m.           Church Cleanup Day

BridgeFest Concerts
7:30 p.m.  Free Admission

      Monday, July 28
         Rhody Center for World Music & Dance: Hula & Ukulele

      Tuesday, July 29
         Ocean State Poets: Music & Poetry

      Wednesday, July 30
         Sync or Swim A Capella Quartet

      Thursday, July 31
         Navy Northeast Woodwind Quintet: Crosswinds